Hixie's Natural Log

2004-05-31 08:15 UTC Spring 2004 Travelog: Part 6 (San Francisco)

Sunday: I saw Shrek 2 (which was great, I highly recommend it!) at the Metreon with bloo, Pavlov, and dbaron, then I went to The Cheesecake Factory in San Francisco with them and Nadia. The food was reasonable, although a little excessive in terms of volume; and the smoothies were very nice.

After ditching bloo we then went back to Nadia's and Kevin's (who appears to not have a URI) to play DDR. I sucked. Pav and dbaron were a bit better. Nadia and Kevin have quite clearly practiced this a lot and were quite impressively coordinated, which was scary.

Before Shrek 2 we saw the trailer for the next Pixar movie The Incredibles, which I can't wait to see (November!), and the next Dreamworks Animations movie, Shark Tale, which also looked great.

Tomorrow afternoon we're probably going to go see Soul Plane since Pavlov is really set on seeing it.

In between all these good times I've also been doing some work on the CSS2.1 test suite, converting the CSS1 tests to the new format (more on that later when I've finished doing it). I'm getting there — only 28 more tests to convert!