Hixie's Natural Log

2003-08-11 14:58 UTC data:text/plain;base64,SSBzdGlsbCBsb3ZlIGRhdGE6IFVSTHM%3D

I mentioned data: URLs a while back, and said I'd written a special script to generate them easily.

To celebrate the fact that Opera's latest beta supports data: URLs, something which is proving a massive help in terms of testing the product (data: URLs are an incredibly powerful tool for rapid prototyping), I've added a couple of features to the aforementioned script.

First off, it now supports URI upload as well as file upload and textarea upload. In addition, the URI upload supports data: URLs (since it just uses LWP::UserAgent, which has built-in support for them), so you can now use the script to re-encode data: URLs using base64 or without using base64, as you want.

Second, I've fixed a couple of bugs, including one which previously made it hard to get at the generated data: URL when it was bigger than about 8kb. (Thanks to Tim for spotting that one.) This was actually a bug in Apache, but I've implemented a work-around, so big files work fine now.


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