Hixie's Natural Log

2003-07-29 18:55 UTC Yet another simple entry detailing my recent exploits

I spoke with Jon today. That would be our CEO. Apparently he reads this Web log occasionally.

By the way, on a completely unrelated note, Opera is really cool. I love the product, I love the company, horrah.

In the background I can hear Tim arranging his girlfriend's birthday present(s). Sounds like quite an involved procedure.

He just got asked, I presume, how life was here. His answer involved a mention of the fact that we eat on the balcony at lunch time (we're on the fifth floor). It's nice. He also said various other things but I'm not used to this keyboard (it's a Norwegian QWERTY keyboard; I'm used to the Kinesis Prefessional US DVORAK layout...) so I couldn't keep track. Serves me right for blogging in someone else's office.

Today was a BTS day for me. BTS would be our Bug Tracking System. A BTS day for me is pretty much the same as a Bugzilla day used to be for me. That is, I go around the database, filing bugs, confirming bugs, etc. Corrected a few test cases. You may remember I recently went through some 1500 CSS tests. We failed a few (I won't say how many — those of you who have read The long dark tea time of the soul can probably appreciate why if I mention "pebbles" and "Wales"), and I also found a few that were incorrect. So I've been going through some of those correcting them. A couple were ridiculously wrong (as in, not even remotely correct, even taking into account any permutation of errata or proposals that may have been in force at the time the test was written), so hopefully nobody filed any bugs on those anywhere...

Then this evening we (Herman, Anders, Ola, Eira, me, and later Eddy) went to a nearby park for a nice relaxing barbecue. I think I could get used to this life style. I'm told it'll change pretty dramatically in winter though.

Yesterday the CSS working group had another teleconference. We were quite productive, agreeing to changes in multiple chapters. I like it when we make progress like that! (What happens is someone raises an issue on the mailing list, I add it to the issues list, the relevant editor eventually looks at the list, updates his chapter to include the proposed change but using <ins>/<del> markup, then during the teleconference we go through all the changes marked up in this way and decide if we agree to them or not.) Unfortunately we're back up to about 15 issues (earlier we had 11), but then the count is always higher after a working group meeting, since while agreeing to the tentatively resolved issues (which are no longer on the list) we occasionally decide to reopen issues to get the text improved further, and we also sometimes spot other things that need updating.

Hopefully we'll have a last call draft of CSS2.1 published before our face-to-face in late August! (Of course we said that about 2 years ago too...)