Hixie's Natural Log

2003-07-27 11:24 UTC Day 28

It's Sunday. I've been here four weeks so far, and probably haven't seen half the other employees yet since almost everyone is on holiday. I attended my first team meeting on Friday (I'm in the Research department, by the way), which was interesting, because it wasn't the old "what have you done this week", but more "what kinds of stuff should we be looking at now".

Also on Friday, Hyatt and I sent some drafts we've been working on for the last few months to the CSS working group for comments. I hope they make it to WD status within the next few months, because they cover various subjects that people have been clamouring for in the CSS mailing lists and on Web logs and so forth for years. Unfortunately, though, they cover some pretty controversial topics, so I wouldn't be altogether surprised to see them drown in the crossfire like the previous drafts that were submitted on similar subjects.

In the meantime, we've been charging ahead with CSS2.1. Our issues list only has 11 issues on it now! That's a record low. Of course, those 11 issues are mostly those that we all know we're going to end up having large arguments over. Proposals to change the way some things in absolute positioning work, fixes to the grammar that end up requiring more fixes, working out how some pseudo-elements work (it's amusing to note that all the existing specs, from CSS1 through to CSS3, are very ambiguous about exactly what ':first-line' matches, for example), and of course our old friend margin collapsing.

Yesterday evening I had a great time, relaxing with a friend. We ended up watching A Clockwork Orange. Volumes have been written about that cinematographic masterpiece, so I won't bother commenting further. Later I got back home and found Tim busy completing one of the bike side-missions in Vice City. He's so going to have finished that game before going back to the states. It took me months just to do the plot missions! Some people clearly have much too good hand-eye coordination. Similarly, Eira is just way too good at word games.

I'm sure there's some game I'm good at.

On an unrelated note, I have, for various different reasons, written several paragraphs of text using mobile phones recently. Executive decision: I'm not buying a mobile phone unless it has a full size Kinesis Professional Dvorak keyboard.

Ok. Maybe I can settle for a smaller keyboard. And maybe it can be QWERTY instead of Dvorak. I just can't cope with stateful keys. If I hit a three times in succession, I should get aaa, not c.

Now to find something to entertain me during this Sunday afternoon.