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2003-07-21 01:31 UTC Oh and Hunter adopted a Drocken baby...

Best Larp Ever.

I really had lots of fun this weekend. Dave rocks as a GM. His plots make sense, his monsters are well statted, his NPCs are fun to interact with, his larps are just generally great. And the advantage of playing with high level characters (Hunter was about rank 24 at the start of the LARP, he's rank 32 now) is that all the players are very experienced LARPers, which makes things much more enjoyable. In fact, the most experienced of Tony Larp players was there — Tony himself. He's the one who wrote our system's rules.

The other players seemed to enjoy Hunter's ability to entangle ("root" for MMORPGers) monsters, which I was glad about because at several points it seemed to me that Hunter had become rather useless. Hunter is a non-combatant character both for in-game, character-based reasons, and because of stat-based, he-couldn't-physically-hurt-a-fly practical reasons. This, added to the fact that the character is instictively a scaredy-cat, means he doesn't get to do much when the monsters have Freedom 2 cast on them, for instance. (Freedom makes the character immune to entagles, amongst other things). Most of Hunter's skills lie in his ability to Entangle monsters to the nearest plant and perform autopsies (pronounced rec creature rank 24 rec smell rank 24 enhanced smell detect magic discern wounds, discern spiritual influence, discern poison, discern disease, discern paralysis, rec miracle all over the body and weapons, rec magic all over the body and weapons, if I search the body do I find anything? Evaluate all the items found. Yes, he's a human tricorder. Don't ask.).

I think with my 72 character points I may look into finding him some other non-combatant things to do.

Ok. Now that I've gotten rid of all but the most dedicated of readers, an unrelated matter.

I'm feeling quite guilty, because my curiosity and rapid observation skills have together caused me to somewhat violate the privacy of someone I recently met and now care about. I'm not proud of this. Actually this is probably the thing I'm the least happy about doing for a long time.

I was thinking of writing a lot more here, but I don't really know what to say.

One of my problems with relationships is that I overanalyse. I really overanalyse. (Just ask Nadia.) And the problem with overanalysing is that when all you have to go on are a few lines of IRC logs and a purposefully ambiguous Web log posting (that you probably shouldn't be reading anyway), you're likely to find at least half a dozen radically different interpretations all of which make some sort of logical sense and none of which take into account the fact that the other person probably wasn't really thinking about the phraseology at the time anyway.

So in fact I don't know if I should be worried at all. ("Status: UNCONFIRMED".) But I certainly don't want to analyse it any more.

Hrm. I expect this personal ourburst has now scarred half my usual readership for life, not to mention scared the one person whose opinion on this matters to me to the extent that they'll never consider a little friendly dinner with me now. Oh and I'll probably receive many angry e-mails asking why I'm talking about Feelings instead of writing dissertations on the inline box model or margin collapsing or something.

Now I'm way too sleepy. 5 hours of sleep for about 4 days running will do that to you, especially if you've spent the day leaping up roofs and what not. Good night.

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