Hixie's Natural Log

2003-07-18 11:55 UTC Day 19


There's something about waking up at 4am and finding that it's really quite bright outside that is somewhat unsettling. Later on, while I was walking down to the station, the sun rose, but that didn't seem to make much difference to the light level.

Anyway, a tired me woke up after not enough sleep, walked half way to the station, decided he was too lazy and after missing a tram by about 20 seconds took a taxi for the rest of the way down, then took a train to the nearest airport, then flew from there to Heathrow, then got driven back to his parents' house, from whence he is writing this. After a brief pause for lunch, and after getting changed into my larping clothes (the key colour here being black), I'll be driven to Bath, where I'll catch a minibus, and eventually make it to an undisclosed location to play a live action role-playing game until Sunday afternoon! I can't wait.

Yesterday was the NUUG summer barbecue, which was great; I met draq, with whom I went to university a few years back, as well as some of the people he is with at the moment, who shared a number of amusing anecdotes about him that I shall almost certainly tell others about. (They also took this rather scary photo of me. What on earth is that strange rabbit grin I'm making??? Unfortunately, the point of the photo is lost due to the poor contrast, but if you could read it, the label on my shirt would read "Ian Hickson, Opera Software", which they thought was amusing given my clothing. Ahem.) There were also a bunch of Opera people at the event, and of course lots of Debian folk (it's debconf there this weekend).

Before that, I went to the Norsk Teknisk Museum with Eira, Tim, and Cecille, which was amusing, although I only saw about half the exhibits, so I'll have to go back one day. They have a model railway that uses Märklin equipment. Much fun! I need to find a Märklin reseller in Oslo so I can play with choo choo trains again. I want a Märklin Digital set! (That was a dream of mine back where I was about 9 years old, but I wasn't exactly earning enough at the time.)

Finally, a note to self: I must remember to bring a taste of the rainbow back with me... I'm sure I can find a way to use it as a bribe! ☺