Hixie's Natural Log

2003-07-16 21:07 UTC Day 17

It's pretty hot here. Too hot maybe... Good thing today I was just running through tests (over 1500 of them!), I don't think my brain could take a lot of writing work.

Yesterday I went picnicking with these people:

This is all rather uninteresting information for everyone other than myself, of course... The other topic for today was going to be snoring, but I really have nothing to say about that. So instead I'll just mention what I did this evening, namely, I went to Hovedøya with a bunch of co-workers for another barbecue picnic. This included playing a ball-bat-running game much like Softball, Baseball, or Cricket, known as Stickball, whose amorphous rules included the requirement that I throw a tennis ball at, amongst other people, my manager, with intent to hit.

Tomorrow evening it's the Norwegian Unix User Group summer barbecue, which I shall be attending. Then Friday I fly to the UK for a 3-day LARP, then on Monday I fly back to Oslo.

Altogether, I mighty busy time at the moment.

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