Hixie's Natural Log

2003-07-03 19:06 UTC Day 4

Wrote testcases, invalidated bugs, marked old bugs worksforme, wrote more testcases, had lunch, attended QA meeting, answered technical questions, wrote more testcases, confirmed a couple of bugs, reopened a bug, marked some bugs duplicates of others, found a bug in the bug tracking system, etc. All that was done using a succession of candidate builds which this evening became a very early 7.20 beta.

I'm going to take a look around Oslo tonight. Tomorrow I'm supposed to get up early to go to immigration (I hear it's as bad as the San Jose office over in the bay area), so hopefully I won't stay up too late. Yesterday a group of us (although mainly interns, heh) went to some pub whose theme was aircraft... all the seats were old aircraft seats. Quite amusing. They even had working recliner buttons and stuff. Oh, and tomorrow evening is Friday evening which I hear is Opera party night, which ought to be interesting!