Hixie's Natural Log

2003-06-30 20:21 UTC Zero

Or, rather, O. A great big red O with a dark grey oblique shadow, to be precise.

Today I started work at Opera Software, in Oslo, Norway. I have emigrated over here on a permanent basis, which is going to be quite an adventure, since I neither speak nor read the local language. The adventure began with a slight set-back, with the baggage handlers in Amsterdam deciding my luggage didn't really have to be on the same plane as me, and could just as easily wait for a later flight, such as, to take an example at random, the next day's.

I have my luggage back now, although since I live 30 minutes from work, I'm only going to be dragging Suitcase I back with me tonight, and will leave Suitcase II for tomorrow.

The Opera people have been very friendly, sorting everything out from the immigration papers to finding me a flat, they even called the airport for me this morning to get my luggage delivered.

Work today consisted of an extended tour of the (ever growing) Oslo office, followed by installing Windows 2000 (tomorrow I'm installing RedHat 9 on the other partition), doing some research for one project, and browsing around the bug database familiarisng myself with what bugs are known and what bugs are not.

All this has meant I'm way behind on my e-mail. To the person who wrote the random response: I'll mail you tomorrow! ☺

In our CSS working group teleconference tonight we had a long talk about one of the issues we've been wrestling with in e-mail for the past week or so; no real consensus yet but we're working on it, and we have some actual proposals now so progress is slowly being made. Unfortunately with some issues it's sometimes hard for all the parties involved to agree on one solution without spending hours discussing it, making test cases, checking implementations, discussing use cases, and so forth... And with only one one-hour meeting a week, that can be a problem.

Anyway, hopefully things will get sorted out soon enough — I need to visit embassies and such like, and then I'll be formally working here! Fun stuff.

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