Hixie's Natural Log

2003-06-29 00:49 UTC Two

My life fits inside two suitcases and a laptop bag. I don't know whether to be proud or disturbed.

Suitecase I
Mostly clothes. My PS2, packed between some underwear and an AOL T-shirt. My 56 key numeric keypad, protected by a cat towel. My clarinet, packed with a W3C T-shirt, some swimming trunks, cat socks, and my 5-clarinet T-shirt. My PS2 controller, packed with my Simpsons socks.
Suitcase II
Mostly... stuff. My Kinesis keyboard and its foot pedal. Some of my fluffy cats. My Cat Encyclopedia. Papers. More clothes. A screwdriver set (don't ask).
Laptop bag
My laptop, duh. Also some reading material (Discworld books) to keep me occupied at Heathrow, in the planes, and during my stop-over in Amsterdam tomorrow.

In order to fill those two suitcases I had to clean out my room. At one point I came across a small piece of paper that I drew during (I think) the 2002 W3C Plenary; I seem to remember drawing it during a speech by Steven Pemberton about the meaning of "Last Call":

A snakes and ladders game modelling the W3C process, starting with an idea, going through drafts and candidate recommendations, and finally ending with an ideal Web.

I think it's played with a 1d4. You start at the bottom left, the aim is to reach the Perfect Web square (if you go past it, continue by counting backwards from the end). For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of going through the actual process yourselves, try it, and you'll probably get a good idea of what it feels like in real life!

After cleaning out my room I helped Andy (my brother) with his lines for a play he is writing and playing in, aimed at pre-teen children to help them deal with issues such as bullying and educate them about ideas such as pupil parliements. This is part of the work he does for Actionwork, a group that tours the UK giving shows in schools and other communities. All good stuff.

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