Hixie's Natural Log

2003-06-27 01:29 UTC Four

Earlier I went up to the attic to find a couple of suitcases, and found myself in quite an astounding mess of furniture, pieces of technology from the 1980s and early 90s, an ocean of papers, and other... stuff. (I hesitate to use the word "junk", although it does come to mind.) It's been years since I looked up there... and I really don't intend to look there again in a hurry. By the time I had what I'd gone for, I could feel cobwebs hanging from my limbs like silly string after a particularily eventful party.

As far as VoidWars goes I'm doing pretty badly... my empire's fleet keeps going "pop" each time it gets bigger than about five ships. This is mainly because I antagonised the empire to my south, who happens to have one of the five biggest fleets in the universe, a fact about which he feels compelled to remind me using strategically timed demonstrations in orbit around my planets. Oops.

The CSS working group continues to work through our issues list (although ironically I think the count went up by one today rather than down). I've been writing proposals to resolve the ambiguities with the rules on margin collapsing. I'm not really expecting them to be accepted as is; margin collapsing is a remarkably controversial subject. Not surprising, really, as pretty much every implementation is broken in really different ways. On the plus side, I've now got at least 50 different margin collapsing tests, all of which will be updated and end up in the CSS2.1 test suite once we've agreed on what the specification should say.

Oh, yesterday, shortly after I posted about my sister not coming to visit me, she did! Yayness.

Finally, I'll just mention that the other day, Ludwig (one of my larping buddies) wrote a very pointed Web log entry about a strategy game he plays. Definitely worth a read.