Hixie's Natural Log

2003-06-20 21:35 UTC Activities

Wednesday I went clubbing at Moles, staying overnight in Bath at Tracy's with a bunch of others. Much fun.

Today, I woke up to the sound of an insistent doorbell.

---> You are now talking on #awake
* Hixie opens the door
<Narley> For today's activity you will need some swimming trunks and a towel. I'll get a bottle of water for you.
<Hixie> Mmmbmmmgrmmnmm?
<Narley> Come now child, we're leaving in ten minutes.

I kid you not. This is the kind of friends I have.

Turns out we were going to the beach. Studland Beach to be precise. Apparently originally there were originally going to be more of us but it ended up as just Narley, Jules, and I — the others had to go to Work, or do some Tidying, or had other equally weak excuses. Much to my disappointment, we failed to locate the nudist area, even though I'm pretty sure that was part of the plan when we left Melksham. (Not much effort was made to locate said area, really.)

We played with my beach ball, we read our books, I dug a hole to keep the beach ball safe (which I later tripped into, much to their amusement) and in the evening we ate at a random restaurant in nearby Swannage, which was relatively nice.

Then we drove home.

So there you go. A day at the beach.

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