Hixie's Natural Log

2003-05-10 21:49 UTC More unlikely events

Continuing the strange theme that has been present in my life recently, I went out dancing yesterday (at the student union of my alma mater's evil brother, Bath Spa University College).

I have a small piece of advice to DJs out there: When your mixing desk's spectrum analyser does this:

BOOM! Straight to maximum.

...then you have your volume on too high! I mean, I have nothing against loud music, but playing audio at a volume higher than the speaker's response range is just a waste. The sound gets all distorted and everything.

As a side note, what's the right MIME type for the image above? I've used application/xml but really I would have liked to use image/xhtml+xml...

Tomorrow, I'm back to my old self: I'm spending the day larping. Horrah!