Hixie's Natural Log

2003-02-21 01:12 UTC Only use 'em' and '%' units!

I recently increased my default font size to 24 pixels.

That may seem like a high font size, but to put things in perspective, my screen is a 15" laptop screen, running at 1600x1200, and I recently reorganised my "desk" so that my screen is slightly over one metre away from me (that's about three feet for those of you stuck in the unit dark ages).

Well, authors of sites who set font sizes using 'em's, '%'s and keywords: well done. The rest of you, that is, those of you using font sizes set in pixels, or points, or millimeters: Your sites are actually unreadable now. I'm sorry, but I can't read 12px text from this distance. (This includes most of Microsoft's site, and your Web logs, Phil, Nadia, Hyatt, Ben, Allan, Tantek, Shaver, Eric, and Mark. Ironically, despite their bashing me for going on about standards, Pav, Blake and Kerz are all honouring my prefs! ☺)

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