Hixie's Natural Log

2003-01-29 09:28 UTC If I were one of these, where would I be?

I'm looking for a small portable device, no bigger than your typical mobile phone, which supports bluetooth, contains an 802.11g router, a battery which can be recharged by plugging the device in, and a tri-band GPRS module.

No microphone, no speaker, only a minimal display ("connected to the Orange network"), and a very minimal set of buttons (a power switch, a switch to toggle the 802.11 encryption mode on or off, and a push switch to toggle what the display shows: nothing, the network, the battery power, the signal strength, the number of users connected, or the number of bytes sent and received in a certain time frame).

Throw in a flat fee monthly contract (not per-byte, per-second, per-connection, or dependent on the countries visited), and I would buy one in a second. It wouldn't even need a phone number.

Now the question is: are such things available anywhere?