Hixie's Natural Log

2003-01-12 07:11 UTC Vice City: Things to do

I'm at 16% completion... here's what I've found to pass the time so far:

  1. Plot missions
  2. Taxi service
  3. Police missions
  4. Fire missions
  5. Ambulance missions
  6. Pizza deliveries
  7. Cross country motorbike race
  8. Cross country car race
  9. Remote control car race on the beach
  10. Remote control plane race
  11. Remote control helicopter race
  12. Holding up all the shops
  13. Performing jumps, flips and other stunts
  14. Buying property
  15. Getting your police rating up to six stars and then evading capture
  16. Rampages
  17. Finding hidden packages
  18. Picking up prostitutes
  19. Running people over to get money

...and there are still areas of the map I haven't even attempted to explore. I just love the depth of Vice City's gameplay!