Hixie's Natural Log

2002-11-13 19:11 UTC Maybe they don't want it implemented...

The DVB-MHP working group have got to make their specifications easier to find. I just wasted about an hour trying to track down the DVB-HTML specification.

Hint: it's not called the DVB-HTML specification, despite the fact that that's what everyone calls it.

Hint: it's on the MHP site, although it took me about 45 minutes to work that out.

If I want to find the HTTP spec, I just type HTTP 1.1 Specification into Google. If I want the CSS 2.1 specification, I just type CSS 2.1. Heck if I want to find the pingback specification then all I need look for is pingback! It really should be that simple to find the DVB-HTML spec. Even if I use its real name (with the benefit of hindsight and all), the page Google finds only has links to the 1.0 version, not the 1.1 version.