Hixie's Natural Log

2002-10-22 04:44 UTC Fighting crime, trying to save the world, here they come just in time...

Last night Tom joined the party so that today we could see:

The Powerpuff Girls Movie!

It was cool. A bit slow in places, like the 30 minute episodes, but very true to the series. The movie explores the first few days of the life of the Powerpuff Girls, something which some of the episodes (and of course the title sequence of every group of episodes) have touched upon before. The story seems to be consistent with what we had been told so far. What's great about The Powerpuff Girls is that unlike other cartoons, such as Tom and Jerry, or even Dexter's Laboratory (which, like The Powerpuff Girls, is also directed by Craig McCracken) it actually has an overall story arc of sorts, in that things that happen in one episode directly affect things that happen in later episodes (nothing as involved as the pre-planned five year story arc of Babylon 5, of course). There is even an episode involving time travel, and it hangs together pretty well (more so than some time travel plots in supposedly more "serious" science fiction like the many time travel episodes of the StarTrek franchise).

I can't wait for season 5.