Hixie's Natural Log

2002-10-04 01:47 UTC Nearly there

Eighty seven. That's the number of keywords I've defined for the 'list-style-type' property in my personal draft of the CSS3 Lists Module. Namely: afar, amharic-abegede, amharic-halehame, arabic-indic, armenian, asterisks, bengali, black-circled-decimal, box, cambodian, circle, circled-decimal, circled-lower-latin, circled-upper-latin, cjk-earthly-branch, cjk-heavenly-stem, cjk-ideographic, decimal, decimal-leading-zero, devanagari, disc, dotted-decimal, double-circled-decimal, eritrean-tigrigna-abegede, eritrean-tigrigna-halehame, ethiopic-abegede-am-et, ethiopic-abegede-gez, ethiopic-abegede-ti-er, ethiopic-abegede-ti-et, ethiopic-halehame-aa-er, ethiopic-halehame-aa-et, ethiopic-halehame-am-et, ethiopic-halehame-gez, ethiopic-halehame-om-et, ethiopic-halehame-sid-et, ethiopic-halehame-so-et, ethiopic-halehame-ti-er, ethiopic-halehame-ti-et, ethiopic-halehame-tir, ethiopic-numeric, ethiopic-tigrigna-abegede, ethiopic-tigrigna-halehame, footnotes, georgian, gujarati, gurmukhi, hangul, hangul-consonant, hebrew, hiragana, hiragana-iroha, hyphen, japanese-formal, japanese-informal, kannada, katakana, katakana-iroha, khmer, lao, lower-alpha, lower-greek, lower-latin, lower-roman, malayalam, mongolian, myanmar, oriya, oromo, parenthesised-decimal, parenthesised-lower-latin, persian, sidama, simp-chinese-formal, simp-chinese-informal, somali, square, telugu, thai, tibetan, tigre, trad-chinese-formal, trad-chinese-informal, upper-alpha, upper-greek, upper-latin, upper-roman, urdu.

Some of these are duplicate names for the same system ('lower-latin' and 'lower-alpha', for instance), and they all fall into about a dozen distinct algorithms, so the implementation cost is actually a lot less than it first seems.

What next? Well, after cleaning up the draft a little, I'll send it the CSS Working Group (members only), and once it has been reviewed by the interested members of the group, it'll be published on the W3C Technical Reports page as a Working Draft. Then will come the call for reviews, where I hope all my learnèd readers will spot my many mistakes and send comments on, and discussions of, this draft to the (archived) public mailing list www-style@w3.org (see instructions).

Once all the comments are in, and everyone (or nearly everyone) is happy with the draft, then it will be published again as a Last Call Working Draft. Then begins the arduous task of writing a test suite. That ought to be fun.