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2002-09-23 15:27 UTC Pingback 1.0

We released the Pingback 1.0 Specification today. Is your Web log pingback-enabled?

Pingback was an idea originally thought up by Stuart Langridge and then developed by Simon Willson. Experimental implementations cropped up, here, there, and everywhere.

It basically boils down to telling a Web log when you've linked to it, by fetching the page, looking for a header advertising a pingback server, and then invoking an XML-RPC call on that server. The best thing about this idea is that unlike similar schemes like TrackBack, it is totally transparent to both users. It is also software-agnostic, so any Web logging system can implement pingback and interoperate with all other pingback-enabled Web logs.

Pingback already has several interoperable implementations (check some of the links from this post to see if the system works — if it does, the pages will have links back to this post). If you want to implement pingback yourself, there is an open Web log dedicated to writers of such software, which you can use to test your code.


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