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2002-09-13 23:18 UTC "Please run this program to infect yourself, thanks"

Spammers and virus writers appear to have sunk to new depths. In the past, at least there was some pretense of an effort made to make the e-mails interesting — even that has stopped now. Here is the half-hearted example that I found in my inbox this morning (names and details changed in case they were taken from someone's address book):

Subject: Fw: covering_lett_draft_
From: John Smith <jsmith@example.net>
To: "ian@hixie.ch" <ian@hixie.ch>
Date: Fri,13 Sep 2002 15:09:53 PM
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John Smith 3 Waveney Walk Furnace Green Walky East Sussex AB1 C7E 6 August 22 
Employer Name Employer Address Ref blah blah Dear Sirs I am writing to enquire 
about IT related positions at company name please find enclosed my CV for your consideration I am a graduate from Brunel University
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