Hixie's Natural Log

2002-09-05 22:39 UTC More hot stuff

So apparently there is a fourth way of getting people to link to you. You just have to spout rubbish. Indeed, people devote entire posts to talking about people writing such rubbish. See Asa and Blake's latest posts for instance, for straight and sarcastic comments respectively. Or this post from a few days ago, an article which is spot on and which links to an earlier example of nonsense from the same source as Asa and Blake's muses. (Yes, the nonsense to which all these people link has been sprouting for several days). I wonder what nonsense I could spout to get myself heavily linked.

Clarification: It appears that this post is too subtle for some of my readers. If you think I am insulting Asa, Blake or Chris, then please reread the post slowly.