Hixie's Natural Log

2002-09-01 03:00 UTC News from my mail client

Er. I posted all but two of the last 18 messages to www-style and all 21 of the last messages to w3c-css-wg (member only link). Have I posted too much mail maybe? The sad thing is, I have another 11 messages already written and basically ready to send.

In other news, the most amusing pair of adjacent e-mails in my inbox were:

  # Flags  Date  From               Subject                       Size
818 +      Wedne cv@ian.hixie.ch    CV Accessed                  (997)
819 +      Wedne XXXXXXXXX@aol.com  Delphi Opportunity         (1,096)

The first was an e-mail sent to me by my CV (yes, I get an e-mail every time someone hits that page). That e-mail has referrer information — and so I know that the reader, on that particular occasion, came from AOL Search. I also know that the search terms were "delphi programmer" and that the search was restricted to the UK (but don't ask me, then, how it found my site, since it has a Swiss domain and is hosted in the US).

The second e-mail listed above was from someone offering me a job working on some Delphi code.