Hixie's Natural Log

2002-08-26 16:55 UTC Your attention please, flight KL 1243 to Paris, Charles De Gaulle is now boarding at gate C05.

Hello from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol!

Airports these days have Internet Access Terminals. You pay for a fixed amount of time, and then you have access to a screwed up version of Internet Explorer (usually some outdated version, although here it seems to be IE6 since my Web log actually displays half-reasonably), and a count down at the top of the screen slowly counts down the time remaining until you lose everything you've typed. (Well, that's what happened to Nadia back in Geneva.)

10 minutes left.

It turns out my laptop was not magically fixed by that assembler code, by the way. I was happily working on my CSS 2.1 review comments in the middle of the Greek mountains (more on that next week when I have a real editor — that is to say, XEmacs — to type in) when suddenly: CLICK CLICK CLICK I/O Error. Primary hard disk not found.

9 minutes left.

I guess I'll be calling Dell again soon! I just hope it holds out long enough for me to copy my review comments (at the moment it's working intermittently). I don't want to read those 300 pages again.

8 minutes left.

Incidentally, copying links when the right mouse button is disabled is a pain in the neck. Someone please explain to me why context menus and Ctrl+N have both been disabled? Surely using a decent, secure OS would be a much better way of doing things.

7 minutes left.

Speaking of decent OSes, I still haven't got Gnome and KDE to compile. So I'm happily using lynx(1), links(1) and xli(1) for all my surfing needs. Well, almost all. Links doesn't do HTTP Authentication and Lynx sucks at textarea editing, so I won't be editing this Web log from either any time soon.

6 minutes left.

Time to submit this baby. The count down clock just went red.

5 minutes left.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll reply to the hundreds (literally) of e-mails I've received over the last week or so.

4 minutes left.

Eek, the clock is now blinking red and yellow!

3 minutes left.

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