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2002-08-18 01:31 UTC Saturday

Today I had fun.

First, and least fun, I bought my return ticket to Heathrow for Monday. This is just the last purchase of a series... so far this summer I've spent a week with family in Geneva, Switzerland, followed by a week with Nadia in the south of France at the W3C, followed by a week with Nadia and Léonore in Geneva again, followed by a week in the UK, and I'm about to spend a week in Greece at my brother's wedding, followed by a week in Paris for a CSS working group conference (member only link). A total of one ferry ticket, two train tickets, five plane tickets, three coach tickets, three stays in hotels, and only five weeks to fit it all in.

Then I caught the X72 to Bath and spent the afternoon with Phil. We ate at Las Iguanas, where I explained to him the answers to the quiz which so many of you are struggling with (answers will be posted here tomorrow, I promise!). We visited MVC where I bought some music: Faithless - Reverence, The Best of Saint-Saëns, John Williams - Minority Report Soundtrack (which I'm listening to right now), Frank Sinatra - 20 Classic Tracks, Garbage - Beautiful Garbage, Backstreet Boys - Greatest Hits Chapter One, Santana - Supernatural, and Paul Simon - Greatest Hits, Shining Line A National Guitar.

After some DOA3 (I whipped his ass, honest) I came back home, and was shocked to find Melksham with an actual night life!!! This is quite an amazing, once-per-year-only occurance. Narley and I went out to see what the fuss was about. We had time to go on two rides, and boy were they tame, compared to the insane madness that Nadia and I found at the Fête De Genève. So tame, in fact, that they were rather amusing, instead of frightning.

Shockingly, though, the entire party atmosphere died before 11pm! Obviously Melkshamites can't be stretched very far. There's none of the "party until the sun comes up" attitude here. So instead, the evening was finished in the sauna that is my house (I can't open any windows here, and the heating is on high even though the theromostat is set to 5°C — long story, don't ask) watching some classic Quantum Leap re-runs on the TiVo, while trying (unsuccessfullly) to get either KDE or Gnome to compile. KDE is stuck with Qt thinking it's on a Mac (!), and Gnome is stuck with some problem in ORBit2.

Tomorrow, I have to finish my review of the CSS 2.1 Last Call Working Draft. That ought to be even more fun than today. I look forward to it.

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