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2002-07-14 02:07 UTC "He got me invested in some kinda fruit company"

So hyatt has taken leave of his senses and gone to work for Apple. Talk about a step down.

He's probably going to work on some iProduct. Given that hyatt's skills lie mainly in inventing new markup languages and then half-implementing them, one has to wonder what iProduct this could be. Maybe he's going to work on iPhotos (or whatever it's called) and is going to be inventing a new kind of Photo Metadata Language. I already know one person who's working on something like that. Or maybe he's going to invent a language to describe worlds and he's going to spearhead an iWorld application. Yes, that's it. Then MMORPG authors could use that to get their work done quicker. After all, that's what the Mac needs, a killer application to make it useful. (Then again, maybe that's a lost cause...)

This will hopefully be the last time I link to so many Apple sites. Ugh. I feel so dirty.

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2002-07-12 14:53 UTC Freak hack of the day: "please enable javascript"

I cannot believe that this works:

<script language='JavaScript'>
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1; URL=/otpbvpl/javascriptenable.jsp?..."dummy="dummy">
<script language='JavaScript'>

(I found it at the top of Opodo's site while trying to work out why their site doesn't work in Mozilla.)

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2002-07-11 09:02 UTC Traditional Sillyness

Today I have to wear silly clothes (a shirt with buttons and a gown for crying out loud) for my graduation ceremony. There are some traditions that really need to be updated. Why couldn't I pick up this certificate thing in a pair of Jeans and a T-shirt, I ask you?

2002-07-10 00:39 UTC Archeological Time Travel

Today I played Anarchy Online for the first time in months. It was a lot of fun, more so than I expected. The game has definitely improved over time.

There are still plenty of bugs, though: things like graphics glitches and the occasional clipping problem. It was because of one of these clipping problems that I ended up transported back in time, back to when Tir was still being built. The suppression gas was not yet concentrated, the buildings were not yet built... even the moat had not yet been filled with water. Only the outer walls and the lie of the land had been completed.

I have a photographic record of my visit.

I wonder if there are other parts of Rubi-Ka that can be visited by time travellers? Could the clans use these odd time travel effects (if the phrase can indeed be pluralised) to win the battle?

2002-07-06 14:08 UTC Trolls aren't just low dex, high strength creatures

Blizzard unfortunately fell for this poorly written troll, and countered each point accurately. Unfortunately, he inadvertently legitimised the following attack:

Mozilla also claims that its browser is the one that is most web standard compliant. [...] However, as a person who runs this website, I can with more than enough confidence conclude that [...] Mozilla has a lot less web standard features. For example, if you go to the my site with Mozilla, you will be redirected to a non-Internet Explorer page because Mozilla cannot handle any of the standards that it should.

In the interests of accuracy, I just want to point out that the site in question redirects users to a different page because... Mozilla doesn't support Microsoft's DOM extensions! Specifically, document.all! Yes, I can see how Mozilla cannot handle any of the standards that it should.

Andras, here's a hint: If you make your site standards compliant, by simply changing document.all["id"] to document.getElementById("id") and making sure your CSS is actually per spec and not simply designed to work well with IE, then you won't look quite so silly claiming that Mozilla has a lot less web standard features, and I won't look quite so silly responding to obvious trolls.