Hixie's Natural Log

2002-06-04 02:59 UTC You don't want to mess with a weather druid

Hyatt has now challenged me to a duel.

The poor fool clearly does not realise that one of my hobbies is LARPing. By the time hyatt would have taken three steps towards me, I would have BY THE POWER OF THE WINDS AND THE WEATHER I SHALL CAUSE A GALE blown him acrosss the car park, ZAP LIGHTNING DART 2 ZAP LIGHTNING DART 2 ZAP LIGHTNING DART 2 hit him with BY THE POWER OF THE ALMIGHTY NATURE, HER WINDS AND HER ANIMALS, HER PLANTS AND HER LIGHT, I SHALL HIT YOU WITH A LIGHTNING DART 20 a huge electric bolt, and then BY THE POWER OF MOTHER NATURE I WITHDRAWN INTO A CLOUD returned to cloud form where hyatt cannot touch me.