Hixie's Natural Log

2002-05-14 22:58 UTC Jumping on Bandwagons

Pavlov's Web log now has an RSS feed, so, not to be outdone, I promptly added the same functionality to my site.

Horrah. It took basically no new code (two new methods canabalised from two existing methods to retrieve and format the data) and a single Template Toolkit template. PLIF is nice. I didn't even have to tell it about the new command, dynamic method dispatch saw to it that it all works. Yay.

Other than that, today has been quietly productive. I chatted with friends (apparently Berlin might make people learn German, revising law is hard, KHTML is the weakest link, the universe died and was reborn, RealOne is nice, and the US is not safe). I worked on my report (MathML is not for hand authoring). That's about it.