Hixie's Natural Log

2002-05-12 01:58 UTC Spreading the blame around

I spent today working on my final year project report.

That's what I would have said, if it wasn't for my friends all conspiring to make me fail. First we have Tom. I mentioned him earlier. He made me an administrator of his game after Allan convinced me to help with the code. Today I stopped colony ships from holding up the ship yards... if you don't have enough people on your home planet, then your workers will simply move on to the next ship. Finally: no more having to wait for your planet to be populated before adding armed colony ships to your build queue!

Then, we have Claudius, Jay and Pavlov, who last year all told me how wonderful they found their TiVo. So I spent all evening catching up on my favourite shows, instead of being shocked by the terrible quality of typical TV programming and giving up. (Well not all my favourite shows, Stargate SG-1 isn't on during weekends. What's that about.)

Then we have Blake, Asa and Ludwig who convinced me to start my own Web log. Boy does that turn out to be a time sink.

Also, David Baron is to blame, for he was one of the people who introduced me to Mozilla and specifically the concept of commenting in Bugzilla. And thus went a bunch of hours of today, fighting stupidity and explaining CSS.

Speaking of CSS, some more of my time was spent helping Mike Shaver track down an obscure bug.

And then there's all my friends who use IRC.

So you see, it's not my fault that I spent all day almost-but-not-quite working on my project report. It's all because of my friends.

Tomorrow, though. Tomorrow I shall put my foot down and ignore my evil friends and work on my report!